The most common questions

How to register?

Registration is free! In order to register, the Consumer must select the “sign up” on the website ( or in the mobile application (UNIP), enter the phone number to which a verification PIN will be sent.

How to top up a virtual account?

In order to top up a virtual account, the consumer must take the following steps:

  • Choose to top up your account
  • Choose the amount that you want to move to your virtual account
  • Select a payment method for topping up your virtual account
  • Fill in the indicated fields and click “to add” button
  • The system will automatically notify you that the top up was successful.

What to do if you forgot your login or password?

Enter the phone number on the site ( or in the mobile application (UNIP), the system will automatically detect whether you have been registered and send the password to the entered number.

Can I start parking multiple cars from a single virtual account?

Yes, you can park multiple cars at one and the same time from a single virtual account

How to pay for parking?

  1. You can pay for parking using the website ( or in the mobile application (UNIP). This requires:
    • To register
    • To enter your own office
    • Login – Consumer number
    • Password will come in the redirected message
    • To top up a virtual account
    • Select a parking lot
    • Click “Park”
    • To end the parking, press “Leave”
  2. To begin SMS parking, user should register a private account and have enough credits on his virtual balance to start parking.

To start parking:
To begin parking, user sends a notification on the short number 9393* in the following format: parking lot number or zone number <<space>> license plate number.

Finishing parking:
To finish parking, user should send SMS message on the short number 9393*, where the format follows:
Letter <<C>> regardless of alphabet register <<space>> license plate number
(Example: С ААХХХХАА)

**Cost of SMS message – 0.94 UAH for subscribers of the national GSM operators. Cost of SMS message – 0.25 UAH for subscribers of the LLC “TriMob”
Tariff in UAH includes value-added tax (VAT). Additionally, the Pension Fund tax is charged at a rate of 7.5% of the cost of the service, excluding VAT.
Only for adults.
Technical support: 0 800 330 093 Mon-Fri. From 9am to 6pm.
Organizer: LLC “UNIP KYIV”, 02125, Kyiv, street Starosilskaya, 1.
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