How to register?

Registration is free! In order to register, the Consumer must select the “sign up” on the website (unip.com.ua) or in the mobile application (UNIP), enter the phone number to which a verification PIN will be sent.

How to top up a virtual account?

In order to top up a virtual account, the consumer must take the following steps:

  • Choose to top up your account
  • Choose the amount that you want to move to your virtual account
  • Select a payment method for topping up your virtual account
  • Fill in the indicated fields and click “to add” button
  • The system will automatically notify you that the top up was successful.

What to do if you forgot your login or password?

Enter the phone number on the site (unip.com.ua) or in the mobile application (UNIP), the system will automatically detect whether you have been registered and send the password to the entered number.

Can I start parking multiple cars from a single virtual account?

Yes, you can park multiple cars at one and the same time from a single virtual account